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Editor's Picks - Google Earth Related Resources

  • Google Earth Blog - Frank Taylor's site offers informative summaries of the emerging capabilities, resources and links about the best of the best related to Google Earth. Entertaining and comprehensive.
  • Google Earth Hacks - Well established with wonderful resources, the real educational power is available on the left side under the Files heading where there are thousands of KMZ files nicely cataloged for easy browsing and download.
  • Google Earth Community - The central Bulletin Board for Google Earth. Tens of thousands of posts make this an easy place to get side-tracked and/or inspired.
  • Google Planet - Created in Russia (but authored in English), this site offers high-end scientific and geography related placemarks, overlays, network links and much more.
  • ZNO's Blogspot - The focus is on 3-D Models with full KMZ links. If you are looking for a 3-D model of a famous landmark to show your class, this should be your first stop.
  • Ogle Earth - Ogle Earth is geared more the high-tech crowd but provides a wealth of links, resources, news and cutting edge uses for Google Earth.

Editor's Picks - Free Software and where to find more.

  • Google Earth!
  • Gimp - A wonderful open source Photoshop replacement (if you are using Windows, we recommend you also download and install the 'Deweirdifyer' plug in.
  • Irfanview - A must have digital image utility! (similar to Graphic Converter for Macintosh)
  • Nvu - Full featured, Open Source web site authoring and publishing program
  • Blade Free FTP - Very useful for managing remote files
  • Open Office - A powerful and complete Office Suite that exports to many formats
  • Primo PDF - Creates a PDF Printer allowing you to create PDF documents without having to purchase Adobe Acrobat (allows students to email or upload their documents to you, saving on printer costs)
  • Webgrid - A searchable compendium of free and open source software
  • SourceForge - The home of the the Open Source community. Tricky to search but worth the effort.

Editor's Picks - Free References and Resources for Teachers

  • - Thousands of free lesson plans! A fantastic resource for the busy teacher!
  • CIA World Fact Book - Extremely detailed information about the nations of the world
  • - Great links and information about all the U.S. States
  • Weatherunderground - Not only the weather, but thousands of user submitted, images in the Wunder Photos area searchable by locale
  • NASA - 'nuff said
  • PBS - Everything from complete videos to lesson plans to games for almost every content area. Try PBS Kids for the younger set, lots of entertaining educational games
  • Library of Congress - The combined knowledge of humanity at the click of a mouse. Easy to get lost in since the collection is so vast
  • U.S Geological Survey - Complete lessons, resources and more for all grade levels
  • The Smithsonian - Another great resource that is easy to get lost in because there is so much valuable educational information
  • - English grammar and spelling games
  • - Free web graphics (buttons, etc.) without all the pop-up, redirect, advertising, survey, nonsense

Commercial Software Recommendations

  • Camtasia Studio and Snag-it - Essential Windows tools for capturing screen output. Very attractive educational pricing for bulk licenses.
  • Adobe and Macromedia - Offering good educational discounts on the software your students will use when they get real jobs.
  • Garmin - Makers of GPS devices with associated software. The data from the devices can be easily integrated with Google Earth.

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