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From this page you can:

  1. Add a lesson that resides on another website
  2. Add a lesson that will be hosted here at (Details Follow Below)

Before You Begin with your GELessons Hosted Lesson

You can find a description of the fields requested in the form by clicking here (opens in a new window).

Please be sure to read the pre-amble at the top of each page in the submission process as it contains important information about the page and the submission process.

Ready to submit a lesson? There are two pages:

  1. Fill out a form with the details of the lesson.
  2. Email in the files needed to support the lesson.


Please be aware that the programming we use for lesson submission is, to say the least, an inelegant solution, but until I learn PhP/MySQL it will have to do. If you know PhP/MySQL and would like to contribute your expertise to the community it would be quite welcome!! Nor am I a curriculum expert, just an Elementary School teacher, therefore if you ARE a curriculum expert I would welcome any suggestions or comments to improve the lesson template or information pages. Just leave a note over at the Community Bulletin Board.

Here is what ultimately happens: You enter your lesson in a form, then proceed to the upload files page. The forms will send me an email letting me know that you have submitted a lesson. I will then parse the information into the lesson template, make the links, check spelling, etc and then post the finished product on the site. Depending on how busy I am at the school it could take several days for a fully uploaded and linked lesson to appear. In the meantime, the cgi script will post non-cleaned up/linked lessons here.