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My Perfect Tour of Spain
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: 9-12
Student instructions:

 Go to and look up the key work visit Spain.
 Read the web sites. Take notes on some places that interest you.
 Explore Google Earth for interesting information on the different locations. (The teacher will instruct students on using Google Earth.)
 Choose the locations, activities, landmarks, historical sites, dining, shopping, recreation or anything else that interests you.
 Map your perfect trip through Spain.
 Use at least 12 place marks.
 Designate the beginning and ending locations and dates.
 Describe each place mark in the description box; include date visited and why location was chosen.
 Save your tour in a .kmz file and put it in class folder.
The students will become familiar with Spain by exploring Spanish food, entertainment, cultural sites, and toursist activities. They will create a perfet tour and write a journal. Content Areas Type:
Geography, culture, Google Earth How-To
1 week
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
Ability to follow instructions.
Demonstrate the knowledge of the area and the activities.
Use logical thinking.
Extension - Demonstrate creative writing ability.

Personal accounts of Spanish cities (
Global Gate Vacations Site - Spain
Southern Spain
Northern Spain - Camino De Santiago
Spanish tourism site
A rubric detailing # of placemarks, explanations, logical travel pattern.
Knowledge of area.
Notes about the Lesson Non-Digital Materials Needed Digital Materials Needed
The web sites are about May different aspects of Spain. The students are encouraged to find activities that would be of interest to them. They are not restricted to using only the given sites but must list all other sites used.

The Google Earth instructions will be given throughout the lesson depending on each student’s needs. A general introduction will be given before the assignment to instruct the students on how to navigate through Google Earth and what layers should be checked.
journal (paper) for extension computer/Google Earth
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Ideas for Extensions: Extension - Write an imaginary journal about your trip, where you visited, what you ate, who you met, what you thought, the weather, the shopping, the exchange rate, and anything else you may want to add.