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The Latitude with Attitude!

Think you know all about Longitude and Latitude? Want to test yourself against your classmates? Play the hit new game, The Latitude with Attitude!


  1. Generate a random Longitude and Latitude using the applet below.
  2. Each player writes down where they think the coordinates are. You can tell the closest Country, City, Continent, Ocean, wherever you think it is!
  3. Use Google Earth to find the coordinates.
  4. The player closest to the geographic or geopolitical feature of the Longitude and Latitude below wins!!
  5. Play as many times as you wish with the winner of the most rounds being the champion!

Below are some random geographic coordinates to start you off with. To generate a new set, click the button at the bottom of the screen. (warning, reloading this page will generate a totally new set of coordinates, so don't close this window)


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