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Where on Earth Are You From?
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: 4th & 5th
This lesson gives students the opportunity to share information about their culture. Google Earth will be used to illustrate where their families are from. Lastly, students will reflect on what they've learned and provide feedback on how they would like to use Google Earth. Goal: Culture Diversity
Objectives: To increase an understanding of different cultures.
To explore the world using Google Earth.
Content Areas Type:
Cultural Diversity
Appreciating Cultural Differences
Social Studies
Teacher Controlled
2-3 class periods
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
Written Expression
Measuring distances

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Family trees
Writing good questions
A written reflection will be turned in that includes what the students have learned about both their culture and that of their peers.
Notes about the Lesson Non-Digital Materials Needed Digital Materials Needed
Allow the students to share information about their families. Encourage students to be brief (to allow for others to have time to share). Be mindful of adopted students or those where both parents are deceased. pencil/paper laptop, projector, access to google earth
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Ideas for Extensions: Students could display their path of migration (both within the U.S. and/or the world).