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Boom Town/Gold Rush Lesson Plan
Description Goals and Objectives Grade Level: 3/4
Young children should begin to learn about the concept of value and why some items are considered more valuable than others are. These concepts relate to a geographical understanding of natural resources and the reasons why people work very hard to extract resources, such as during the California gold rush. This lesson has students go through a simulation to learn about value, abundance, and scarcity and asks them to consider the things that they would be willing to work very hard for.

Geography, history, economics
California Gold Rush
Content Areas Type:
Social Studies Teacher Controlled
2 hours
Skills Addressed File Resources Available Related Topics & Resources
Bartering, Writing,

files available:

Boom Town Lesson Plan with embedded links


Boom Town by Sonia Levitin
Websites are within the lesson
Classroom discussion, Writing assignment, Role playing activity
Notes about the Lesson Non-Digital Materials Needed Digital Materials Needed
Google Earth path should me mapped out ahead of time crayons, construction paper, paper, pencils Computer with internet, Google Earth, projection device
Created By: MD Harrison Date: 20:21:56 2007-10-30


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