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Collaborate at Google Earth Lessons

No longer are teachers isolated in their own little world. We are now free to share our ideas with and gain insights from teachers around the world. GELessons was designed to provide an interactive collaboration environment for teachers of all grade levels anywhere in the world. Collaboration Tools at GELessons are listed below:

The Community BBS - Broken down by content area and grade level.

Contribute Lessons - Post a description, upload files, add links, etc.

Contribute Lessons Hosted Elsewhere - Add a link and description

Add Web Links - Resources other teachers may benefit from

Upload Placemark Collections - Found a good placemark, need one hosted for your class?

Idea Bucket - Throw an idea for a lesson involving Google Earth into the bucket

Photo Gallery - Add pictures that relate to lessons in a kid-safe location

Courses - A Moodle Module that allows you to create an on-line course for your students. I am still figuring this part out but if you are interested send an email to david @ (delete the spaces first) and I will set you up with an account.