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About the site and it's founder, David. This site is hosted on a 3Gig web space provided by for a whopping $6.95 a month. Not only is it a great deal, but the server hasn't given me a bit of trouble, they use CPanel along with Fantastico which made creating the different 'high-tech' Blog, BBS, Image Gallery and Moodle installations a breeze! So far they are probably the best web hosts I have used and I have used close to ten or so over the years! No lie! I haven't had to call or email support even once (therefore I can't really vouch for their service). All I know is that I registered the site on a Sunday night, about a half hour later I was messing around with the site and by late in the day Monday the domain had propagated world-wide and I was installing all the neat PhP based applications. As for me, I am a computer teacher at an Elementary school in Central Florida during the school year, while on the weekends and over the summer I am an official Disney boat captain on the Friendship fleet (that is the boat that travels between the resorts and from EPCOT to Disney's MGM Studios theme parks as well as in the lagoon at EPCOT sometimes, if you come to DisneyWorld while I am working, ask for David D. and I will give you a free boat ride :-) I have been in the classroom off and on for right around 14 years or so, starting as an 8th Grade Science Teacher where I first got my hands on a Macintosh and discovered the Eisenhower old Telnet command line resource which I can't even remember the name of. Then it was off to teach Math and Science at a Junior High in Iowa where I created the very first school website in the District followed by a move to Florida here where I taught 6th Grade Computers on old Apple IIe's. I got that job entirely via phone and internet back about eleven years ago, one of the first in the County to be hired that way, if not the first. Since then I have done this and that, from being the Tech Contact after funding for the computer teacher job vanished due to budget cuts, then to an Elementary school for a miserable year as a regular classroom teacher (I don't know how you guys handle it!!!!!!) and now finally to my current teaching position.

But enough already. Go enjoy the site! Learn something new!