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Below you will find a form field for every one of the table elements that are included on the lesson's main page (example of completed lesson table-opens in new window). The goal in constructing this site was to provide teachers such as yourself a 'one-stop shop' for Google Earth related lessons, including ultra-complete lessons that could be plugged in to a lesson plan to be given to the Principal or school administrator which is why there are so many fields. The only fields that are required, however, are the ones with a (*) beside them. For a description of the fields you may wish to read the description's page (opens in new window). After submitting the completed form you will be forwarded to the files upload screen where you can attach support files for the lesson. At this time there is no support for saving or editing a lesson once it is submitted, hopefully some time in the future there will be. If you would like to write up the lesson before entering it into the form, you may download a blank Word worksheet and then copy/paste from there into the form below.

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